Like any accident, sometimes injuries are minor, others are major. In both cases, having the following items in your car can make the situation much easier until help arrives.


Sometimes after a car crash, it might be necessary to keep a passenger or victim warm while help arrives. A good blanket can be a source of comfort if a passenger has suffered a laceration.

A good emergency blanket can be made out of mylar, be compact for easy storage, and durable.

Tow Strap

A sturdy tow rope made of nylon material is strong enough to tow another car up to 6,000 lbs.

Only make use of the tow rope if a vehicle is unable to be driven. Never attempt to tow or pull a damaged vehicle for long distances. This is a major safety hazard to both yourself and others.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is incredibly valuable after accidents. You can use duct tape to reattach damaged pieces of the vehicle that have fallen off or as an effective temporary bandage or bind for broken bones or bleeding wounds.

Flashlight and Batteries

A working flashlight in your car is a must-have. LED is light and more reliable over bulb models and is easy to store. We recommend a waterproof model, just in case.

  • Light the road while fixing a flat
  • Signal to other drivers of the wreck
  • Flag down help
  • Provide light to exchange information with the other driver
  • Light your vehicle to assess the damage
  • Gloves

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