Midtown Medical Center announced its Women’s History Month Initiative to celebrate generations of women who have shaped the field of medicine, science, healthcare, and more.

To honor these women in medicine, Midtown Medical Center plans to highlight the doctors, nurses, medical professionals, investors, technologists, specialists, students, staff members, and more that represent a rich and diverse group of practitioners and operators from both the medical fields storied past, current modern day, and bright future.

“Midtown Medical Center is proud to lift our voice and join the millions around the country in celebrating Women’s History Month throughout March. To do our part, we observe the groundbreaking contributions and accomplishments that women have made in the field of medicine. From Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the first African-American woman to become a doctor of medicine in the United States to Susan La Flesche Picotte, widely acknowledged as one of the first Native Americans to earn a medical degree. Midtown Medical is proud to shine a light on voices like these not just throughout Women’s History Month, but all year long. Because it is our duty here at Midtown Medical to continually reaffirm an important truth: when women succeed, the world succeeds.”  – Dr. Mark Schwaiger, Founder & Chairman of Midtown Medical Center.

Through this initiative, Midtown Medical Center aims to highlight women who have made history and are making history and in medicine. This includes their plans to utilize their social media following that consists of local Tennessee chiropractors, doctors, and attorneys to recognize women in medicine who have made discoveries, broken boundaries, and forever impacted the field of medicine – along with the women breaking new ground today.

To learn more about Midtown Medical Center’s Women’s History Month initiative and the women they highlight, please visit: https://midtownmedical.org/medicine-in-america-women-medical-trailblazers/

For more information about Midtown Medical Center visit https://midtownmedical.org/ to book an appointment or to tour our new patient facilities. 

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