When you are a personal injury lawyer, you often forget about the business side of running a law firm. Your aim to help clients in need from a legal perspective often leads you to forget all about the industry’s marketing aspect. In this day in age, the competition is relatively high. It would help if you desperately stayed on top of the market to stand out from your competition.  

The need for marketing is the reality for most industries nowadays. Luckily, you don’t have to be a marketing expert to help enhance your personal injury firm.  

The Importance of Advertising 

Word of mouth does not get you as far as it used it. You must take additional steps so that you successfully advertise your company. Advertisements are how people will find out about your company. You need to make sure that you implement effective and attractive campaigns. These will help spread your services and offer clients insight into what you offer. There are a few things to consider when you go about your advertising journey

  • Know Your Market 

Do a little research about who your clients are. Think specifically about the occupation and age of your targeted clients. Colossal marketing differences depend on whether your clients are people getting into an automobile accident and slipping and falling on the job. You need to know how to catch their attention and where you are most likely to see their eyes with an advertisement. 

  • Make an Impression  

Once you find an advertisement space, you need to make sure you know how to make it count. Aesthetically pleasing and conceive ads are crucial for getting your point across. Keep things short and nice to look at – no one has the time to read bulky paragraphs when scrolling through their social media feeds. Instead of trying to jam all your services into one post, jot down some bullet points meant to catch the eye. The goal of most advertisements is to get potential clients to reach out to you. You want to avoid misleading clickbait that will give the wrong impression and mess up your website traffic statistics. Make the font, images, and labels appropriate.  

  • Place Ads Effectively 

Once you’ve designed your ad(s), find the best positions to place them. Are your clients more active on Instagram? Is a Facebook page the way to go? These are all things you should discover during your preliminary research. The bare minimum all modern companies should have is an updated website with an easy-to-understand user interface and accurate contact information. There are also many places to put advertisements that are not on the worldwide web. Commercials are another great way to catch people’s attention. Many local law firms continue to place advertisements during designated daytime TV slots where people stuck home with worker’s compensation are likely to spot them. Another great place to seek advertisement placements is at local clinics. Many of your personal injury clients need to go to the physician for injury assessment early on after their accident. Asking the local pain clinic or chiropractor to recommend you or hang up ads in their practices is a great way to attract clients. You can grab the attention of a future client before doctors even diagnose their herniated discs.  

  • Stay Active 

Once you have all of these accounts created, you need to keep them active. Commercials Time out, social media accounts fall back, and inactivity drops your rank in search results. While you don’t need to be obsessive about it, keeping accounts up-to-date is crucial to let clients know you are open for business.  

When Should I Hire Outside Help? 

There is nothing wrong with seeking expert consultation when trying to make the best out of your company. Any improvement and upgrade require a little investment. Enlisting the help of a marketing specialist is a great way to ensure your efforts are worth it.  

Specialists have more experience doing exactly what you need them to do. There is a lot to say about someone who has practical experience versus someone trying to do something based on a few minutes of research. Anyone can benefit from this outside help, but it is a brilliant idea to hire an expert if: 

  • You Arent Familiar With Technology 

There is nothing wrong with being unfamiliar with modern technology. If you are a lawyer, you probably never had a dire need to learn how to run a Facebook page or make aesthetically pleasing fliers. If you are not comfortable doing these things yourself, it’s smart to save yourself time and struggle and hire expert advice.   

  • You Dont Have Time 

These upgrades are not something you can figure out in a day. They are a significant investment that requires maintenance regularly. If you already have many jobs to do, it might make the most sense to search for outside help. 

  • You Have a Large Company  

This lack of Time is often the case in large companies. Larger companies require more effort to maintain social media followings and monitor reviews. It’s a wise investment to have a professional take over the marketing for large companies.  

  • You Have a Lot of Competition  

Even if you are a small company with extra Time on its hands, it might be wise to enlist expert help if you have a lot of competition. When you have a crowd of competitors, you need to shine. Experts help give you that competitive edge you need to stay on top.  

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