Shoulder pain is typically the result of a rotator cuff injury, a collection of muscles and tendons that pad and stabilize the joint. The rotator cuff will naturally wear with age, making it easy for the area to become injured. When this happens, the body compensates by redistributing weight using different muscles to pick up the slack. This can cause shoulder, neck, and other spinal issues. 

Here are four tips to relieve shoulder pain: 

1. Rest from any activity that aggravates the pain. 

2. Ask a partner to rub the affected area. 

3. Ice your shoulder whenever necessary, especially in the evening. 

4. Ask your doctor about cortisone injections that can help reduce pain in an inflamed shoulder muscle. 

Here are four tips to relieve neck pain: 

1. Practice yoga or another physical therapy exercise to improve both ranges. 

2. Research over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines or topical muscle relaxers. 

3. Regularly apply cold and heat for a therapeutic feeling. 

4. Again, cortisone shots can help reduce pain in the area. 

Whether you suffer from chronic pain in the shoulder muscles, the neck muscles, or both, don’t wait to reach out to one of our interventional pain doctors for help.

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