In the last few years, smartphones have become a household staple rather than a luxury. By 2019, over 95% of Americans owned some sort of phone – and 81% owned a smartphone! These numbers mean that a vast majority of the nation has access to the countless apps available at the click of a button. With this in mind, it was only a matter of time before certain applications became popular household names.  

One such successful software is Uber. Uber is an easy-to-use application that allows users to virtually hail drivers in their area for a relatively inexpensive trip. The drivers are freelancers who work from their own cars and set their individual prices and hours.  

Now, summoning a stranger to pick you up can sound a little sketchy. Although it is popular, the app has garnered a lot of criticism and controversy over the years. While few can argue that the app isn’t easy, several legal and safety concerns leave people with one question on their minds. Is it safe to use Uber services? 

Skeptical about strangers? 

The first order of business is to decide whether or not it is a good idea to hop into a car with a stranger you summoned online. While the app isn’t foolproof, the app is relatively safe to use. Passengers are encouraged to rate drivers. Any time a driver makes a user feel unsafe (for any reason), they can simply give the driver a bad rating. These poor ratings will let other users know what to expect, and generally poor reviews get a driver kicked off the app permanently.  

There is also a bit of a misconception that you simply just start working for uber one day out of the blue. While it is not as intense as some other job training, there is still a screening process. Uber examines potential drivers for their violation history as well as their performance on the app. This process is also not a one-time verification, and Uber rescreens drivers every year.  

What happens during an accident? 

There are some weird grey areas when it comes to the legalities of Uber. These call-hailing apps are relatively new and are not a taxi service exactly. Because Uber drivers are freelancers who happen to find work through Uber, the drivers themselves are generally responsible for what happens to you under their care. As a passenger, you hold little to no responsibility during any kind of accident.  

You also do not need to panic that you will bleed your driver dry if their insurance cannot handle your medical bills following an automobile accident. Uber requires all drivers to be insured, and have some back-up coverage in the case of big emergencies. So, if you end up in a fender bender that results in a little whiplash or back pain, do not hesitate to seek medical assistance.  

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