The coronavirus crisis has had a significant impact on Americans everywhere. While many are suffering the disastrous effect of unemployment – millions of Americans find themselves working during the quarantine.  

These essential workers find themselves at the forefront of the crisis. Whether you are a cashier at the local supermarket or a health professional at the hospital – you are facing more considerable risks than the average American who finds themselves locked indoors.  

People all over the world are limiting their contact with other people. The coronavirus has proven to be a significant threat that is worth our attention. Unfortunately, it isn’t realistic that everyone spends this time indoors. Some operations are essential. 

The employees of these necessary establishments put their health at risk every day just to help society run a little smoother. We must take the time to be kind and appreciate the sacrifice they’re making so we can continue to buy our groceries or visit a pain management clinic.  

Being an essential employee can be very stressful. While it also comes with some risks during these times, there are some things you can do to stay safe during this crisis.  

1.Wear protective gear 

In affected areas, wearing protective gloves and masks is becoming mandatory. If your location does not currently enforce these regulations, it can be a smart idea to take matters into your own hands. Wearing protective gear can help keep you and others around you safe. Whether you are working at a clinic or store – you will come in contact with a lot of people. Even if you aren’t a chiropractor that comes into direct contact with other people’s skin, think about just how many times during your shift, you have to handle money or cards. Make sure to use this gear responsibly. When you need to grab a bite to eat or are about to get in your house, make sure to dispose of the gloves. Remember, this is bound to create a lot of waste, so don’t forget to dispose correctly and not let latex litter the streets.  

2. Wash your hands 

Whenever you get the chance – wash your hands. It’s good practice to do so before you start work, during any breaks, and before you get in your car. You can never be too clean in a time like this! Not all hand scrubbing is equal – so be sure that you wash your hands effectively. Also, if you haven’t just washed your hands, don’t touch your face! 

3. Assign “outdoor” clothes 

It can be annoying to go through so many outfit changes a day but establishing “indoor” and “outdoor” attire can help eliminate the risk you bring into your home from work. Try to change before you get into your home, if possible. Many people are setting up little changing stations in front of their doors or on their porch.  

4. Limit interactions  

Outside of work requirements, you should still practice recommended social distancing. Social distancing is especially critical as an essential worker who comes into contact with so many people daily.  

5. Take care of yourself  

Even though you are fulfilling an important duty, remember that you should be your priority. The second that you notice any symptoms, you should get into contact with a doctor immediately. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of COVID-19. Do NOT try to take medicine for fevers or pain management to try to “fight” through it. You can risk passing the infection to others. Even if you don’t have COVID-19, you should refrain from going to work if you feel ill as your immune system may be compromised.  

With all of the long shifts and standing, you may also experience back pain, neck pain, sore feet, or fatigue. Try not to let yourself feel worn down and ask for help when you need it.  

Midtown Medical is here to thank you for all of your services during these trying times. We are happy to help you get in touch with a physician do you can take care of yourself.  

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