Part of pain management is getting in some exercise despite your condition. Several studies highlight the importance of keeping active to alleviate the stress of any situation. While there are times your doctor will encourage you to lay low and limit your activity, most people experiencing back or neck pain can engage in exercise to stay fit.  

Getting back in the groove of a fitness routine following an automobile accident can be scary. You may feel tempted to abstain from fitness altogether rather than to risk doing something wrong. Studies have shown that this extra caution can do more harm than good.  

Keeping active and fit can help eliminate some of the discomfort associated with painful conditions. Many physicians emphasize the importance of a regular fitness routine when practicing pain management. 

Finding an exercise that you can safely perform can help keep you in your top fighting shape without risking your health can turn your life around. While it is always a wise idea to consult with a doctor before attempting to perform any exercise, there are some less strenuous workouts that you may want to talk about with your doctor.  

1. Tai Chi  

Martial arts are not all about being aggressive and swinging around dramatically. Many people have found peace and comfort in this peaceful Chinese tradition. For the most part, positions and motions are smooth and breezy. Participants are encouraged to be mindful – and many consider the art a form of meditation. Practicing your Tai Chi can help enhance your balance, flexibility, and muscle strength. Exercises typically don’t leave you gasping for air, but instead, encourage gentle expression.  

2. Yoga 

Yoga can be an incredibly intimidating activity for many people to try – regardless of whether or not they suffer from lower back pain. Many people have this image in their heads that yoga is akin to body contortion. While it is true that some advanced poses require a heightened degree of flexibility, there are plenty of relaxed yoga positions that are incredibly easy to follow regardless of your body-bending experience. Many yoga instructors encourage all participants to go at their own pace and are there to help guide you into safe and comfortable positions. These benefits go beyond mere anecdote as clinical trials have found a connection between yoga interventions and enhanced condition of chronic lower back pain sufferers. 

3. Walking 

When you are trying to find a fancy exercise routine, it can be easy to overlook some of the more obvious means to get fit. A significant amount of data indicates that regular walking exercises are an excellent way to stay healthy. Regular walking can lead to faster and more significant improvement in patients suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain. Not only will it help you stay fit – but a nice walk outside can get you some well-deserved fresh air.  

Remember, you should always talk to a doctor before engaging in any activity after an accident. Get into contact with the accident specialists at Midtown Medical if you need any help getting started on your journey to a better you.  

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