Our team at Midtown Medical is guided by industry-leading Nashville doctors, chiropractors, and medical professionals who work tirelessly to serve accident victims who have been unjustly injured in all types accidents, like car or motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, Uber accident, truck accident, Lyft accident, automobile accident, or a workplace accident. 

The most common injury that can come from an auto-accident related injury is a herniated disc. Severe trauma to the spine caused by accidents can pop a disc out of place, resulting in back pain. Midtown Medical specializes in these types of injuries and can get you on the road to recovery in little as four to six weeks.  

But what happens if you’ve finished physical therapy at Midtown Medical and all the treatment options, but the pain still comes and goes? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s the short answer from the specialists at Midtown Medical.  

Pain from a herniated disc can occur at regular intervals. People can have minor or significant pain that flares up one day and disappears the next depends on the activity they do daily.  

Intermittent pain is mostly triggered by movement and your posture. For example, how you walk up a flight of stairs or bend over to pick up something, this can play a role in what causes the pain. So try to limit your daily activities that can cause strain on your muscles and joints. This is most likely your body telling you that you need more rest to heal.  

On the bright side, a little pain here and there versus continuous pain can mean the disc is healing, and you are on your way to a full recovery.  

The conclusion? Be aware of your daily activities that can cause strain on your back and body. Also, always inform your doctors at Midtown Medical on how you’re feeling. We are standing by to assist you.  

About Midtown Medical  

Midtown Medical is built for patients’ convenience. So injury victims can heal with minimal discomfort. When an injury victim schedules an appointment with Midtown Medical for diagnosis, interventional pain management, and treatment options, they start with a brief consultation followed by an examination with a medical specialist to thoroughly assess the patient. Directly after the consult, the medical specialist assists with scheduling additional tests, appointments, or follow-ups, if needed. It is now easier than ever for accident victims to get immediate access, quick answers, and fast relief to injury pain using the many solutions and tech advances that Midtown Medical is happy to provide. 

At Midtown Medical, we give accident injury patients immediate access, quick answers, and fast relief of pain using the many solutions and our tech advances!