Many medical centers diagnose and treat both accidental automobile and accidental motorcycle-related injuries, but only a few medical centers give accident victims the expertise, understanding, compassion, and treatment options like Midtown Medical.  

At Midtown Medical, our staff approaches patient care with white-glove service at our Nashville injury clinic. Every patient seen is given their own care-champion who guides them on the road to recovery. We are known to provide premium care to accident injury patients in Nashville, TN

Here at Midtown Medical, we use a wide range of tests to diagnose the state of the injury. We can detect everything from bone fractures, damage to tissue, head injury, and more, using the latest in medical imaging technologies powered by artificial intelligence. In doing so, to supply MRI, CT, and X-Ray scans with unparalleled improvement in result details, keeping treatment options accessible, affordable, and now comfortably.  

Scientists are now working on patenting technology to make MRI and, other medical testing comfortable to all patients. The idea came from the current state of our machines now. Sure, they are useful, but at times they can be challenging to the patient and, most importantly, uncomfortable. Patients are rigged to a bunch coils and wires from their head to their toes looking like the latest science experiment. But now imagine wearing a versatile, wearable, breathable, and stretchable fabric embroidered with those same coils and wires that provides the same data as a standard MRI machine.  

A breakthrough in the science and health industry, researchers are hoping to bring this to the market soon, as it is much needed.  

About Midtown Medical  

Midtown Medical is built for patients’ convenience. So injury victims can heal with minimal discomfort. When an injury victim schedules an appointment with Midtown Medical for diagnosis, interventional pain management, and treatment options, they start with a brief consultation followed by an examination with a medical specialist to thoroughly assess the patient. Directly after the consult, the medical specialist assists with scheduling additional tests, appointments, or follow-ups, if needed. It is now easier than ever for accident victims to get immediate access, quick answers, and fast relief to injury pain using the many solutions and tech advances that Midtown Medical is happy to provide.  

At Midtown Medical, we give accident injury patients immediate access, quick answers, and fast relief of pain using the many solutions and our tech advances!