Moving can have serious consequences on your spinal health. You must take extra precautions to prevent additional damage to your spine, your back or your neck during this potentially harmful process.

Proper lifting tips for neck, back, and spinal safety 

Use Proper Lifting Techniques 

Keeping your spine aligned in a neutral position during any lift. Bend with your knees instead of your waist. Carry any heavy load close to your body. This will prevent tipping and maintain balance. Never twist at the hips while lifting or carrying loads. Always turn your entire body with your feet.  

Leave plenty of time to move. 

Moving at the last minute will always come with complications that may lead to physical strain. Most national and local moving consultants suggest a minimum of 8 weeks before the move date. 

Never overpack boxes 

While it might be tempting to overpack a box, it may lead to physical injury. Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books and reserve larger boxes for light bulky items like clothes and pillows or fragile items. 

Let someone else lift the heavy loads  

It is important to know that hiring movers is always a smart and prudent way to avoid serious injury during a move. If money is a concern, rent a truck but hire a pair of movers through local papers to both pack and help move objects. This leads to a far lower upfront cost and spare you risk of serious injury to your neck, back, or spine. 

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