How would you escape a sinking car? Each year, people drown inside submerged vehicles. Over 400 cars a year in North America wind up underwater following a road incident. Drivers can accidentally slide off the road due to poor conditions, swerve to avoid an animal, or get caught in flooding, or worse. These incidents, unfortunately, have a mortality rate that’s higher than most other accidents because the passengers inside the vehicle lose their composure, panic, and make rash decisions that prevent them from escaping the sinking vehicle.

Skip the Phone: The moment your car hits the water, you have just seconds to escape. If you waste those seconds reaching for your phone to call for help, you could wind up trapped inside your vehicle.

Unbuckle Immediately: The moment your car hits the water, unfasten your seat belt. Once the panic sets in it is easy to forget you are strapped in. You want as much mobility as possible so you and your loved ones can escape.

Break the Window: Once your car begins to sink, the car door won’t open. In even a foot of water, the pressure outside the door prevents it from swinging open. However, the car won’t sink immediately. Use this time to use a modern emergency hammer or something blunt to kick out the window so you can swim to safety.

Get your loved ones: If you have passengers inside the car, quickly unbuckle their seatbelts if they need assistance and instruct them to help others.

Finally, if you are underwater, use your legs to kick off the car, pulling younger passengers along with you. If you are turned around or confused about where the surface is, just follow the bubbles rising to the surface.

Most drivers will never experience this scenario, but you will be glad you read these tips if this terrible event ever occurs.

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