When we get behind the wheel of a car or motorcycle, we must do what we can to prevent avoidable accidents from occurring.

Whether you are traveling along a quiet backroad or a busy interstate, there are a few defensive driving tips that you can use to prevent accidents that could lead to costly accident doctors in Nashville who treat lower back pain, herniated discs, whiplash and more pain management options.

Limit In-Car Distractions: with more and more distractions filling up our daily lives, using a cell phone to text or scroll through social media while driving could have devastating results. Give a full 100% of your undivided attention to the road. At Midtown Medical we believe the car should be a No Phone Zone. Wait to check that text message until you arrive at your destination. Your friends and family will thank you.

Beware of Vehicle Blind Spots. Before you drive, check your mirrors. Make sure that both your rearview and side mirrors are in a position that best suits your seat position and height. But don’t put all your faith in the mirrors! Check over your shoulder before making lane changes lanes so you don’t collide with another driver or accidentally pull out in front of someone. And be aware of trucks. Many large trucks can’t see you no matter how their mirrors are positioned. 

Limit Driving at Night. At night your visibility is reduced to as far as your headlights project. When driving at night, keep your eyes open for others. Some drivers forget to turn on their headlights so you won’t be able to see them until it’s too late. So be extra alert for drivers who might be driving drunk or reckless.

Following these steps will help you prevent accidental injury. Put these tips into action and increase your chances of avoiding a collision.

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